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I can still remember my first guitar! It was a Fender Squire with one of those cheap dingy practice amps! It was all I knew at the time. I think I had about $350 in my bank account at 17 which wasn’t too bad. It all went towards the guitar, the amp, and a metallica tablature book LOL. I still remember learning ONE by Metallica! Well… at least the first few bars that is.

About a year later a kid at school was selling this Marshall 80Watt Valve State amp. He brought it over for me to try and I could not believe the sound. I felt like a rock star. At that moment I knew that having the right equipment and getting the right tone was key to separating yourself from the beginners and the rock stars!

I put All Tone Guitar together to help people find those tones they might be looking for. You know that sound the guitarist from “fill in band here” has and how did he get it. Truth is most will sit and tweak their sound and sometimes never get that same sound again… So word to the wise when you find a tone/sound you like try and either record it or right down the settings to remember for later.

Anyways the site is just getting started so hang in there and we can def use some help around here so hit us up on the contact form if you wanna pitch in!

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