Backing Tracks

I still remember the first time I tried playing along to some of my favorite bands with the guitar. It was awful! I would keep up for a note or two and then totally blow it! Eventually I got the hang of it and would even toss in my own little twisted here and there.

One of my all time favorites to jam out to was Bombtrack by Rage against the machine. Very simple to play, but had so much intensity.

Anyways something that had helped me with my timing and picking speed was using something called backing tracks. Basically tracks of music that would play in the background that you could follow and jam to in different keys. You could even lay down your own tracks via other instruments or your voice then play them back and jam out to them.

Ha I remember I had this old school Tascam… even had a cassette tape. I never really learned how to use it and now a days there are tons of computer tracking programs you can use that make it so darn easy!

Anyways did you know Youtube has a ton of backtracks available? Yeah and they are free and simple to follow.

Here are some different types of back tracks.


┬áHere Is An Example Backtracking Track – Slow Blues In D

Just think of what you can add to this! The possibilities are endless and so will be your creativity.

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