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If you have read some of my posts before you will know I have been out of the game for awhile! It boggles my mind how much can be forgotten over the years. Holding the guitar still feels normal, but the dexterity is def not there and I can remember about 5% of what I used to be able to play. It is not pretty either and now I am basically a beginner learning to play guitar all over again.

Brief History On My Guitar Playing

  • So I started playing back in 1996, it was my senior year in high school. I bought some tab books and learned some chords from friends here and there. I was getting it, but it was frustrating.
  • Off to college a few months later I brought my guitar with me…. I met others that played and taught me some stuff. It was great.
  • Back then there was not much online, but there was some tablature sites and I would literally go to the computer lab and print out like 500 pages of tabs lol.  I would learn to play via the tabs, but I never had a great ear or really knew any theory.
  • Later in college I would take a class on guitar and learn some theory which was pretty cool, but of course I forgot all of it ;-)
  • Towards the last few years of college I played in a band which was pretty cool! We played some shows in our fraternity house, at some local bars, and even opened up for a buddy of mine who had a Rage Against The Machine Cover Band! Was really cool!

I stopped playing about 2001! STOPPED… why you asked? Honestly I don’t really know,  well I guess I do know. College was really just a 4 year party with lots of down time to practice on the guitar! After that I had to figure out what I was going to do, so I went to a computer school FULL TIME for 5 months and I actually needed to learn it and graduate.

I would grab the guitar here and there, but slowly I dunno I just lost interest.. I would pick it up after a few months, forget more stuff, and get frustrated and then never go back :-(

time-for-thatFast Forward 2014… What Now!?

  • So now I am 36 have 3 kids under 4 and want to start playing again! ha! Hmm ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • Well actually today… with more resources than ever on the internet I sort of do!
  • The truth is it can be overwhelming with how many online guitar lesson resources there are online. Which is the best one, which is the free one, which one really helps you one on one.
  • Well as of now I don’t have the answers for you, but I am doing my research so stick around as I go from free lesson sites to paid ones and figure out which is the best  out there and will get you the best results fasts.
  • Since I know I can pick the motor skills back up to jam, but forget pretty much everything I really want to start from scratch and learn theory. Should be a pretty sweet ride!

Learn How To Play Guitar Again Online

Quick Free Guitar Lesson Online Resources?

  • Youtube – Have fun you can really be here for hours…. you will learn a lot, but you might end up all over the place! Oh and its FREE as in costs no money at all.
  • Justin Guitar is a great place as well! Free for the most part as well.
  • There are so many more just do a google search and see what happens.

Check back in a month or two for more info and my favorite online sites to learn guitar at.

I will leave you with some David Gilmour from Pink Floyd! I love all types of music, but my goal is to someday jam out on my own like this!

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